What tools are people using to validate an idea

John Radford
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I'm working with a bunch of startups and am always interested in what tools people are using to validate an idea pre-launch. I get you never really know till you launch something but interested to hear thoughts on what people are doing prior to that.


Prachi Gupta
@johnradforduk Very much in line with that I'm working with accelerators and startups to help startups do their product market fit research using QuestionPro's research survey tool. Seeing some great insights coming from that in terms of market need, pricing and positioning. There are more details about it here https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/u...
@prachi_gupta2 a larger issue is to get the right people to take those surveys. do you have anything that helps address this?
Prachi Gupta
@sonimadhuri absolutely, targeting the right people makes all the difference. What works the best is getting access to the audience through panel providers. We have a panel team at QuestionPro so our partners use that to get access to their audience. The other options can be spreading a wide net through social media groups and asking questions within the survey that help you qualify the right target audience. If you're going this route then you'll want to use a product that lets you add logic and terminate the survey if the profile is not a good match. Happy to brainstorm and help you out with a project if you need it.
John Radford
@sonimadhuri @prachi_gupta2 This is great. getting the right target audience is really important although sometimes I would argue that you make assumptions about target audience too early and can often be surprised by the actual end users once you launch!
Prachi Gupta
@johnradforduk Agree and that's where using the right channels to do idea validation, market analysis and product market fit analysis comes in. Doing this research at the start can set the course for success.
Junior Owolabi
I use my SaaS platform https://prepxus.com, it was primarily made for Data-Informed Feature Prioritization. I use it to conduct qualitative and quantitative research with users, so I can better prioritize ideas
Boris N
Launching soon!
You may use some tools to validate the potential of your idea like : - Validator-ai for quick answer - Checkmyidea-IA for more detailed answer