What tool do you use to organise your thoughts?

Deepa from True Sparrow
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I always like to organize my content. Before all these tools existed, I used to have a range of well-named folders nested and organized by date/purpose. Then came along Evernote. I used to love it and used it for a long time. Then came along Notion and now I see myself trying out Muse (iPad app). I like (and am trying) Muse coz I like to write or sketch while I am thinking and it is easier to do that with the Pencil. What do you use?


Joris Falter
I'm using Microsoft OneNote. It's pretty terrible at syncing, and has other inconveniences as well. I find comfort in the idea that in 10 years OneNote is probably still around while these new tools seem to disappear in a blink of an eye (anyone still uses evernote?). And I'm planning to write memoirs when I'm old, so I want to keep my notes forever :)
Rajat Dangi 🛠️
I use Google Keep for quick use and Trello for detailed work. I've a personal Trello board called "Life" that I use to keep track of my years in the past and my plans for the future. And I use the same board, different lists, to organize my thoughts.
Miro + Apple Notes. Miro is great for visualizing, and apple notes is simple enough to focus.
Agreed!! I always like to write things down too, so pen and paper never gets old :) I feel when you write your to-do down with a pen it get done more efficiently. Just an interesting article I wanted to share: https://www.mikolmarmi.com/blogs... As for organizing internal data plus research made and all the ops, then Google Drive is good. I asked a lot of experts for the level and security and it is consider very safe even by cybersecurity specialists, safer then remote desktop - just food for thoughts.
Piotr Pawłowski
Mind mapping tools are good. My top one is Mind42, but I've listed 3 of the best ones here: https://firmbee.com/best-program...
Adam MacEachern
I try to organize thoughts/tasks/to-dos on my calendar. I find it encourages me to more effectively prioritize things based on the time I have each day. That said, I've also been interested in trying Notion but haven't yet gotten around to it. Would be curious to hear how other folks have found it.
Deepa from True Sparrow
@adam_maceachern1 Yes, notion is catching up. I like that it has old fashioned nesting menu which helps organise. And since you can search through everything, its a plus. But I find it hard to use it on mobile hence a bit of apprehension.
🎙️Chris - The Social Village
Notion.so has been a really amazing tool with huge support for customized templates. Many great creators are even selling complete packages on Notion as products to help in this area.
Sandeep Talukdar
I use my notepad. I'm being honest when I say being able to pen down my thoughts beats being able to structure it with Whimsical, Docs or Slides. I organize my thoughts on paper but present & document them on Whimsical. I've always come out with more clarity when I leave room for my thoughts to wander. Wandering is easier when I move my pen versus creating good-looking docs.
Rosie Sherry
I use Notion alot, not so much for writing, but more for storing ideas. I'm yet to find a tool to write in that feels smooth. I may go with Obsidian. But also what I find helpful is just to have a blog and write stuff quickly and just get it out there.
Eudald Camprubi
I use Standard Notes, and open-source and easy-to-use encrypted note-taking.
Alex Borsuk
I used to use Evernote, I was the most active user. I used to put all my thoughts into notebooks and use hashtags. It created the illusion of productivity. Then I began to notice how I was becoming hostage to new features that I didn't really need. Evernote became more and more feature-rich, an increasingly heavy platform for storing thoughts. At one point I decided that I had had enough and needed simplicity, accessibility, cross-platform and speed. So I settled on simple Apple Notes and am completely satisfied with it.
Michel raugh
I use anotepad for our thoughts and flipboard i use
For me it's been a mix of notion & evernote though it's done in a hacky way 😂
Deepa from True Sparrow
Recently I heard from someone that they used Slack to organise all their thoughts using various channels. I had never thought of Slack in that way even though we use Slack extensively for work. Anybody has tried Slack to organise their thoughts!
Notion and the plain old Notes app.
Clément Rog
Paper, Slite and my personal blog. 1) I jot down ideas, develop them into bullet points on better. I reorganize them and see what sticks after a few days 2) I use Slite to write and format them. I usually cut half. From there, I start sharing them with few friends. Then I use the sketch feature to illustrate some ideas in a more easy-to-understand way 3) I publish on my personal blog, try to confront those thoughts to the world (well.. the ~50-ish people that read it). I usually get few feedbacks by e-mail, that bring new thoughts 4) I jot them down on paper
Gurpinder Singh
Notes App on my iPhone and Google Keep are my go to tools to write down ideas and thoughts.