What tool do you use to make your PH launch video?

Harshit Beniwal
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Making video (as a non-video editor) is hard but real fun. I love trying out new tools but for our next product video (launching tomorrow 😉) I went with iMovie and I think it is very underrated. It gets the job done, pretty well. What are you all using to make the PH launch video? I have recently come across Jitter Video, but did not go with it this time since trying a new tool has learning curve and their free plan only supports 720p. Maybe for our next launch!


Maxwell Davis
I'll be using Canva as usual - doesn't have many advanced features but it's so simple
Harshit Beniwal
@maxwellcdavis I completely missed out on Canva, will definitely try it out. Though iMovie gave us good results as well. Check out our product video here: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Jaakko Hyttinen
Hey Harshit. It varies a lot of your use case and product but as many people have said, Canva is a pretty good and easy-to-use tool for this kind of video. Even though you can not do the best-looking motion design and everything with Canva but I would still consider Canva if you are any familiar with it and can not use other more advanced tools like Adobe After Effects. I would also take a look at sites like Renderforest where you can easily create good-looking videos without any knowledge about motion design. Also in Fiverr/Upwork, you could easily find some freelancers who can do your promo videos on a quick schedule.
Ravil Muldagaliyev
@jaakko_hyttinen Adobe After Effects takes a lot of time to learn. Many things (even basic stuff) are not very intuitive.
Lidia Vijga
We use Adobe After Effects for all our videos. Our team is just used to using it. We are live on PH right now, check out the video here: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Ravil Muldagaliyev
@londonvi yeah, we used Adobe After Effects. It may be an overkill but I'm used to it.
Ivan Ralic
We haven't launched on PH yet but I've used Filmora for our video for collabwriting.com - It was for me first time using film editing software - I made it during a weekend - We've got great reactions to it that made us build Collabwriting