What specific tool would you recommend other founders?

Marco Franzoni
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If you were to pick one app or tool to suggest fellow founders, what would it be?


Alex E
Good CRM, its a game changer. You have to pick one matches your flow
Marco Franzoni
@iviju Curious - what's your favorite?
John Delavera
I'm biased, since I've been using my own self-hosted CRM e-commerce platform since 2004 :)
Akiflow, this is a life saver!! when you have piles of undone tasks haha
Daniel Kyne
Whether using our product or not, Customer Problem Stack Ranking is the best approach I've ever come across for validating ideas, writing good value propositions and prioritizing your roadmap. It helps founders figure out what their target customers' most important problems are using a super simple framework: https://www.opinionx.co/blog/cus...
Marco Franzoni
@daniel_kyne This is actually really cool! Thanks for sharing. Do you guys have a partnership program for Accelerators / Startup Studios? I'd love to offer this to our startups.
Daniel Kyne
@dlabs we've done Customer Problem Stack Ranking workshops and given premium-tier OpinionX discount codes to accelerators like Startup Boost, Lenny's PM Community and F6S. Definitely something we're keen to partner with people on! Feel free to drop me an email if you want to chat about it :) daniel (at) opinionx (dot) co
caryn werner
Slack -- it saved us so many unorganized email & text threads.
Priyanka Mehta
A good internal communication product such as Slack.
I'm putting together a long list of all the software we used with pros/cons/alternatives, if some of you are interested ping me or upvote to show interest so we will make it public and crowdsourced! otherwise, the one app I'm recommending founders lately is Lyfpit the social media automation app (disclaimer I'm one of the founders) as we are giving a free license to early adopter so it's a deal worth taking!
Mayank Mishra
@raoufremidan Poppins!! Check it out, a tool designed for founders and leaders to be more productive on Slack
Mayank Mishra
Poppins is built for Founders and leaders who are using Slack, check it out folks, it has been featured as the number #1 new & noteworthy app on Slack. ( Poppins.me )
Jared Cornell
During my days as a startup founder, I had to constantly write emails to our customers to help them with their queries. Things soon got complicated, when we got the attention of our target audience and people started contacting us over the phone, email, chat, message, and more. I’m sure, a lot of founders have to go through a similar process. I would recommend ProProfs Help Desk (https://www.proprofsdesk.com/) as a must-have customer service tool. You can capture customer requests and issues from multiple channels and resolve them at the earliest. Good luck to all the entrepreneurs around!