What social media platform do you mostly use to market your product?

John Brown
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Can you let me know why it's better than the others?


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Hi there! At keypup.io we mostly use Reddit, Twitter, Product Hunt and Indie Hackers. I particularly like Indie Hackers and Product Hunt because the community is benevolent and supportive. There are a lot of software developers which is our target audience.
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Choosing the right social media platform is important for the products/services type you offer. Hence for B2C business types: FB and Instagram are best, B2B Business Types: LinkedIn is the best, C2C Type: Twitter, FB and Insta and platforms like Craiglist, OLX, are the best.
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Right now I only use twitter. Mostly with the #buildinpublic hashtag. So far so good. I haven't tried any of the others just yet, so a comparison wouldn't be appropriate.
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Hi there, we advertised employplan.com on many SM, but the best responses came from Quora (when talking about paid campaigns) and LinkedIn (when messaging prospects). Good luck with your projects!
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I've had the most success with HackerNews. But I also try my hand on Twitter, FB (a little), Indie Hackers, and here. Where else is there?
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I use Reddit and Twitter mostly.
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I am using Twitter
Facebook was the most commonly used social media platform among marketers worldwide. According to a global survey, 93 percent of responding social media marketers used the network to promote their business, while another 78 percent did so via Instagram. MacysInsite
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in my past I have used Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok (Mostly for Food and Beverages type products) Now currently i am exploring Linkedin, since my new product is more towards B2B