What social media platform do you mostly use to market your product?

John Brown
20 replies
Can you let me know why it's better than the others?


Cica-Laure Mbappé
Hi there! At keypup.io we mostly use Reddit, Twitter, Product Hunt and Indie Hackers. I particularly like Indie Hackers and Product Hunt because the community is benevolent and supportive. There are a lot of software developers which is our target audience.
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Choosing the right social media platform is important for the products/services type you offer. Hence for B2C business types: FB and Instagram are best, B2B Business Types: LinkedIn is the best, C2C Type: Twitter, FB and Insta and platforms like Craiglist, OLX, are the best.
Right now I only use twitter. Mostly with the #buildinpublic hashtag. So far so good. I haven't tried any of the others just yet, so a comparison wouldn't be appropriate.
Alexa Vovchenko
Hi there, we advertised employplan.com on many SM, but the best responses came from Quora (when talking about paid campaigns) and LinkedIn (when messaging prospects). Good luck with your projects!
Sam Texas
I've had the most success with HackerNews. But I also try my hand on Twitter, FB (a little), Indie Hackers, and here. Where else is there?
Nick Bess
I use Reddit and Twitter mostly.
Facebook was the most commonly used social media platform among marketers worldwide. According to a global survey, 93 percent of responding social media marketers used the network to promote their business, while another 78 percent did so via Instagram. MacysInsite
Pranav Sathiadevan
in my past I have used Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok (Mostly for Food and Beverages type products) Now currently i am exploring Linkedin, since my new product is more towards B2B
Techuser Net
I list my items(weekly) on Etsy, I post pics of items to Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. I also send out a newsletter to my email list. I do make sure I have good, edited photos and state that "these new items are now in my Etsy shop." I also provide my Etsy shop link in all social media posts to make it easier for potential shoppers to find me. Fit credit card
Cansu Aydede
Linked in and twitter - I think it really depends on where you think your consumers will find you. We sell to businesses, so those channels work the best for us for now.
Farhat Jamil
Linkedin, instagram and Product hunt!
Hemant Singh Bohra
I used facebook,reddit,twitter and Linkedin.
Techspot pk
We primarily use Instagram and Facebook to market our product, but we also have a presence on Twitter and LinkedIn. Our social media strategy constantly evolves, and we continuously explore new platforms to reach our target audience effectively. For more details : https://techspotpk.com/
Jasmine Tom
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Alexis Khvatov
I'm a huge fan of Quora when it comes to marketing my product. The fact that I can connect with millions of people, start meaningful conversations, and engage with my target audience is incredibly beneficial for me. I especially love the feature where people can ask questions and I can answer them directly - it really helps bring traffic to my page and increases brand awareness. Quora has given me some of my most successful marketing campaigns to date, so I highly recommend everyone try it out if they are looking to market their product in a creative way!
Won Park
I only use google! It is cost effective
Marko Ulsen
I'm using AdMagnetica.com to promote my dropshipping store, the reason is simple, they bring me high quality traffic and its not expensive to use it, brings good results and increasing my sales.
Neal Woolery
Depending on the nature of the goods and services you sell, other social networking sites will be more suitable.
Adam Lui
I only use Mastodon, which has been driving steady user growth thanks to a tech-friendly userbase