What should I do when my Startup is dying?

Harish Kumar
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There are a few things you can do when your startup is in trouble: Reach out to investors - Investors may be able to help you get your startup back on track. Change your business model - If your current business model isn't working, you may need to change it in order to save your startup. Cut costs - You may need to reduce expenses by firing employees or cutting back on services. Get creative - Sometimes you have to get creative in order to save your startup. For example, you may need to find new ways to market your product or find new customers.


Harish Kumar
Some awesome replies I got Stop building, start selling. Or you need to stop playing CEO and get out of your office and sell. Conduct user research to see where the problem areas. Track analytics across the entire funnel to check bottlenecks and drop-off points. Comment to add more validations
Sonya Bloem
The startup life cycle is something you should have known about from the beginning. It is a path that describes the stages of a startup's development, beginning with the idea and ending with its full payback. The work is carried out in a strictly defined sequence, but the number of stages and their duration may vary. My startup has anywhere from four to eight stages. I had time to make a business plan at https://businessplanwritersuk.co... complete the business closing. Yes, I attracted investors because it is harder to do without a plan.