What should I consider as a first-time investor?

Ash Carey
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Altamash Brag
Read and learn about investing as much as you can before investing.
Ash Carey
@almas_mano1 A really nice suggestion, Thank you. I will.
Donald Dude
Learn why most investors fail or receive lower-than-expected returns.
Ash Carey
@donaldyyy I admire your ideas on this issue.
Tom Brat
The most common reason is a lack of expertise in most disciplines.
Jennifer Laura
Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
Beaufort Caron
Keep dividend-paying assets and reinvest the dividends.
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Paul VanZandt
Learn as much as you can before starting, and make sure you're making informed decisions. If you don't treat it like a science, it can turn into gambling very fast.
Rich Watson
What type of investing?
Ezzat Suhaime
What type of investing? If you're talking about public equity, make sure you differentiate between investing and trading. Know what your goals are, your risk tolerance, what market you want to enter, and etc. Really hone down on your strategy. Read a lot!