What's your opinion on nap breaks during work?

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Abir Hasan
It will help you to stay productive during work. I really love to take nap during work and i am taking naps regularly during work. But you should remember naps not more than 20 minutes.
Ashish Singh Chauhan
it will help us to stay productive.
Carmen Jiménez
If you are thinking about having a nap while working you just need it, so take a nap or a rest and then keep on going more eagerly than before
Dimitris Karavias
Big fan of the powernap!
Ruben Wolff
Nap breaks really are a double-edged swords. If you can control the time you'll be spending napping and know you'll wake up with energy and work efficiently afterwards, then go for it.
Jaskiran Kaur
I generally nap during my lunch break as my work from home is going on. It helps me to refresh my mind, gain energy, helps me increasing productivity and efficiency of work.
Jason Cavness
My challenge is that my 30 minute power nap often turns into a multiple hour sleep session. ha ha!!
Sarah Damage
@jasoncavness Ahahah I was about to comment the same thing! I read something the other day saying that it's great to have a cup of coffee then nap for 20 minutes, apparently you wake up more energised then ever!
@jasoncavness @sarah_damage hahaha, I can't nap for than 20 mins because I usually get a work notification that wakes me up
Margot Soulier
I don't know how people can do that, I need to work on that. I'm sure it is really useful !
Yash Daftary
Huge fan of napping in general, but there is a science behind sleep. If you nap for around 20-22 minutes, your brain will actually become more active afterwards and will be more awake. After 30 minutes, though, you will feel more tired after the nap.
Pramod Rao
Totally worth taking 20 mins power nap. I use https://mindhouse.com which has 20-minute musical mindfulness sessions which help me take a break/disconnect during the day.
Power naps are really helpful! Gets you those good productive hours in stretches
Naps are the most underrated element to boost our productivity. It is simple - we need our brain to be clutter-free and focused to manage our tasks easily. I sleep around 6 hours every night, and morning workout tires me out. Hence, I take 25 minutes of Power nap after lunch which boosts my ability to focus almost 10X. Beyond 25 minutes, your mind goes into a deep sleep, which takes more than 1 hour to complete, and disturbing in the middle makes me feel worst than before, haha.
Loyd Osorio
It can literally help you rest a bit for energy and can make your work productive
Gianfranco Belmonte
It helps us to be more productive because working while sleepy or tired can cause a fatal error in your work that can be even unforgivable, so you should organize and schedule the times for napping and work.
Nunzio Martinello
If I don't sleep enough at night, I do take 15-20 minutes naps during the day (never more than that or you'll feel sleepy!). If you feel you are tired, you should sleep. It's gonna make the rest of the day much more productive!
why not, if one stays productive and one wants it? :)
Some people work that way (polyphasic sleep) including the Wordpress CEO - so this is a good idea for some people. I think work should be judged on the final effect, not how long it took and whether you took a power-nap to get more creative. Go for it 😴