What's your main ingredient?

Paul Schellekens
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Being part of a startup studio called The Main Ingredient, it got me thinking: What is that main ingredient exactly? For us, it all starts with people. We strongly believe powerful digital ventures emerge from a blend of determination, long-term thinking, and an enormous amount of motivation. This all starts with a specialized team that challenges each other where necessary. However, this main ingredient could as well be a very specific skill like amazingly fast and flexible developers or being great in pitching. My question to you is: what is your main ingredient? What is the one thing that you believe is the key to (your) success? Of course, success does not necessarily mean $$$, but can also mean having found that drive that motivates you every day!


Fabian Maume
Web scraping: That is the backbone of QApop and my consulting agency: Tetriz
Talia Bender
Hi Paul! I would say my team's main ingredients are both the ability to listen while not being afraid to share our ideas and opinions. I have heard from peers who've worked on teams where they've not felt valued, that their team lacked motivation and experienced company-wide stagnation.
Paul Schellekens
@taliambender Thank you for sharing Talia! Incredible how important team dynamics can be right? Once read a quote printed on the wall of a construction company saying "The quality of our product never exceeds the quality of our team". Somehow always stayed top of mind.