What's your highest Product Hunt Streak?

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Mine's ~20! I'm curious to know all of yours. (I broke mine, so I'm now at 15. Also, maybe share some of your favorite products? I'm always looking for cool new things.)


I'm currently on 29 day streak!
Andrew C.
not much... but i tried
Luka Vasic
Currently at 37 (highest streak). I'm new to PH and absolutely love the community. These kinds of streaks are so addictive. Just look at Snapchat streaks.
I'm currently on 125 days...
@katerina_kurshina It would be more had I not had an issue with my account in December... 🤣
@maxwellcdavis 😲 Woww! What happened? (And how have you only upvoted 227 products?)
@xansurnamehere I'm very picky with what I upvote 😀As for what happened the spam filter picked me up and I couldn't post for a day 🤣
Geetanjali Shrivastava
It's like I'm stuck in the Sisyphus loop on PH. I get to 10 and then end up taking a break, and going back to start again! 😀😀😀😀😀
Oh no! I just broke my 17 day streak! 🙈