What's Your Founder story / elevator pitch?

sulyman moyo
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In my opinion No code is here to stay and i strongly also believe it's scalable. The lack of practical knowledge about no code has led me to creating MicroCode a platform built on No code that curates the best tutorials on building startup's with no code MicroCode On MicroCode you will find tutorials on how to build AirBnb, Amazon, twitter clone. Now what is yours?


Alexa Vovchenko
@EmployPlan replaces the skills matrixes, availability spreadsheets and employee engagement surveys with an automated skills database, which also shows where people would fit best in the current projects . Jeez, that's a long sentence :)
sulyman moyo
@employplan @aleksandra_vovchenko Quite interesting offer, The statement could be shorter though but interesting :)
Prabhat Sahu
At Sawo labs we are making passwords and OTPs redundant thus making user signup/ signin much faster, flawless and secure.