What's your favourite task management tool?

Julia Oganesian
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I'd like to ask for your advice or for your opinion on Task/Project management tool. We are using Notion at the moment, but when our projects scale (lot's of sub-tasks appear, when tasks are cros-department, etc) - it doesn't work that good. So what are the alternatives and modern trends in that kind of tools?) What are you using in your companies (product preferably)? Please, share your experience! I've looked through them all, but they are pretty much the same at the first sight.


I was in love with Trello back in the year. Know I love to use Asana for big project and ... ToDoist for small one :)
Julia Oganesian
@jacquelinclem Yeah, I know Trello is beloved by lots of people) But as for me, it doesn't work that well for projects with lots of sub-tasks that have different assignees. It is not so intuitive in dependencies between epics, tasks, sub-tasks. Asana is much better for this purpose, agree?
Bastien Cochet
My favorite is Restyaboard, another top free task management tool with features including task scheduling, task list and calendar views, Kanban boards, and project briefs.
Greg Fragin
the problem with these stand alone tools is you and your team have to be totally all in on using them otherwise its just another place to check
Julia Oganesian
@gfragin SO TRUE! That is why we tried to make task tracking in Notion (which we already use and are fine with it). But apparently it appeared difficult to scale in tasks volume. So we are going to try external tool (and I really hope it will be adopted well).
Greg Fragin
I would add taskable to the list
Max Russell
Actually I haven't had much experience with task management platform. My team is using Jira Software now and I love it 'cuz it's really easy to use!
Julia Oganesian
@themaxrussell Jira is truly native for developers, that's true. As for non-developers - per my experience, most people are afraid of it )))) but I agree, it's a great example of a task/project management tool!
Carsten Pleiser
Workflowy for really small teams and personal projects.
Julia Oganesian
@ckpleiser so interesting, I found lots of tools that are new for me here in discussion! (that's exactly what PH exists for! haha)
Akshay Bhat
Our agency has been working with Narrato Workspace (https://narrato.io) to handle content projects - and it has been a breeze.
Hi, Julia! When I worked in a scientific lab, my colleagues and I used an weje.io, it helped us to organize information properly and prepare it for publication while working remotely (a few days a week). We also used it as task tool. Check it! I think weje.io is a good option for small teams.
David Miller
Hey! My favorite tool is ProProfs Project (https://www.proprofsproject.com/) to manage my project tasks across teams and departments. It lets me create tasks and subtasks, assign resources, and define deadlines in just a few clicks. Moreover, the tool provides me with a platform that helps team members collaborate and stay updated on how the project progresses. Overall, the tool is excellent for measuring task progress and delivering projects on time, no matter how simple or complex your projects get. Hope it helps! :)
Julia Oganesian
Wow, you guys rock. I didn't know most of the tools you've mentioned here.
Pavel Kukhnavets
GanttPRO is a nice looking and powerful Gantt chart generator and task manager. This reliable project management software helps plan work, track tasks, set deadlines, and collaborate with stakeholders. It empowers teams from various industries to create unlimited projects and work with unlimited resources. The tool looks really nice with its intuitive UX/UI design and a short learning curve. It offers a wide range of robust project management, project portfolio management, team collaboration, resource and cost management features. Find out more details here - https://ganttpro.com/.