What's your favorite note-taking/productivity tool and why?

André Benatti
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I'm doing some research about what you like the most about whatever note-taking/productivity tool that you can't live without. For my side, I love the simplicity and easy-setup about the tables that Notion offers, to quickly organize my finances, I definitely can't live without it. 🤔 What about you? Also, is there any improvement that you would like to see regarding your picking?


Aaron O'Leary
Probably in the few here but honestly the Apple Notes app on iPhone, it's just there, everyone knows how to use it, it has enough formatting for me and it doesn't just lend itself to one form of note taking. Outside of that then probably Bear
Mayank Mishra
@aaronoleary hey Aaron, if you're using Slack, you should probably checkout Poppins.me (if you already haven't checked) its the number #1 New & Noteworthy app on Slack for Productivity!
Anand Radhakrishnan
@aaronoleary @mishra_mayank Hey will definitely checkout Poppins.me. We are launching @websitestoolz on PH today a social proof marketing tool for every online business. do give us a shout.
Kirill Gorokhov
@usamaejaz I love it for all the keyboard shortcuts :)
Coen Brasser
I'm back to where it started for me, Evernote. I'm a long time user of evernote and a couple years ago got kinda fet up with them and jump ship to different systems, like oneNote, Notion and Roam. All of which are great tools, but not for me for storing information for the long run. Just to much upkeep. Now I'm quite happy again with the new and improved direction Evernote is taking, the app is speedie, and I can store in away that works for me. Also I loving the new early acces tasks system to keep track of thing to do and not having to use another app for that.
Jansen Tolle
@coen_brasser What's with two accounts making the same comment? Rather suspicious! Evernote is okay though
Alena Shikova
@coen_brasser OneNote is definitely worth using) or maybe this is just a default app that everyone started using and didn't complain but for me it works very well indeed)
Hasan Yasin Öztürk
@jansenvt I can't see the other comment you mention. Is it possible that you saw it because of a glitch on the interface?
Efe Şener
I use Notion and I love it! Notion is an especially useful product. I plan my daily routines, social media posts and organize my work and product development process. I think the best thing about using this product is that it is accessible from all devices. I can control my program from my mobile and it has easy to use user interface on both mobile and pc.
@efesenertr curious to know how the discovery works for you over notion? I have been a notion user for 4 years now. And there's so much information that sometimes I can't just can't discover it when I need it really.
Efe Şener
@ujwal_chaudhari Actually, I don't know how big of a product it is. I'm discovering step by step, but I don't make an effort for it. I also use every feature I discover, all of them. Because they are all very useful.
Lucile Rivière
@efesenertr Completely agree, Notion is the best tool for a lot of things :) Note taking, organisation, roadmaps, tables...
Cica-Laure Mbappé
I either use Apple Notes, or Slack (yes, I speak to myself on Slack 😅)
Kristin Ides
@cica_laure_mbappe I have more Slack DMs with myself than anyone else!
Kristin Ides
@mishra_mayank OK Poppins is SUPER COOL! Not sure if I can get my whole team on board or not but I can't believe Slack doesn't have this level of functionality already TBH.
Mayank Mishra
@kristinides Thankyou so much Kristin! You certainly can get your entire team, Manju will onboard you soon! :) Looking forward..
Mayank Mishra
@kristinides @cica_laure_mbappe surely Cica, I'll be more than happy to personally onboard you. just let me know :)
Jalal Ahmed
I have to maintain various tools now. Currently, I am using Asana and Trello the most. I have to use Notion and ClickUp sometimes as well. I maintain Microsoft Todo personally, which is simple and very easy to use.
Alena Shikova
OneNote, Google Keep - for storing information. Also, I like Trello. Speaking of a productivity tool, I highly recommend you to try AtTrack https://attrack.com/. That's a new unique service, the best one in terms of increasing productivity. I started using it in a new company when switched to telecommuting and I managed to fulfill so many tasks in just 2 weeks that I'd never done in months - working in the previous company at the office. The punch line is that it helps you to keep your workflow and not to get distracted, in other words - to work at your working time. My procrastination was crushed, finally! Still can't believe it)))))) And btw, it's getting released soon https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
Robert Loustau
Whatsapp. Especially good for getting files from phone to computer and vice versa. 1. Create a WhatsApp group with 1 friend 2. Kick out friend 3. Pin chat by swiping left in overview 4. Change icon to a notepad, change group name to Notes
Aymeric Gaurat
@rdlou Why not just send an email to yourself?
Robert Loustau
@aymericg email i have to open email, type in address, maybe type in subject, go to body and type, might have to go to attach, then browse round my phone looking for a file. Send it. then on my computer go to my email. gmail search is pretty crap. a lot more steps. Whatsapp - my notes is pinned to the top, so open whatsapp, i just click on notes, type "this is your note" then press send. then its there on my phone as soon as i open whatsapp, same as on my computer. Also if I receive an image from someone else, or a message i can just forward that. or a picture on my phone can be quickly shared. and whatsapp search is better Many reasons its better than email
Francesca Chong
@aymericg @rdlou I do this method all the time, but by sending myself a Slack (having the Slack app downloaded on my phone + computer). But totally agree with you on Whatsapp search being great, I might consider changing my method
S. K. Orr
Joplin! Free. Open source. Works great on Linux and Mac. With a secure encryption sync to DropBox I can access current notes from any desktop. Markdown. WebClipper. Better than EverNote which I no longer use because of Joplin. https://joplinapp.org/
Sajeeb Rahman
Microsoft OneNote is a free and full-featured note-taking app. It's Microsoft's answer to Evernote, though without the need for a monthly subscription.
Natalie Karakina
Notion too!) Use it as wiki for marketing and for personal planning
Mayank Mishra
@nataliekarakina Notion is cool! if you use Slack and do everything w/o switching context, do check out Poppins.me ! awesome tool
Jason Cavness
I have been with evernote for awhile. I have tried others, but always come back to evernote.
Igor Andriushchenko
I use Bear for simplicity and esthetics but look for a tool that can allow me structure my notes and work into, say, streams.. where I can look into each of streams and expand it into more notes and tasks etc. But also do so without becoming a Jira or Trello or some kind of monstrous mega-organizer-app that will eventually take more time to keep in order that it would save by organizing the said notes. Otherwise, today I end up with a pile of notes on all topics, and they do not help organize work any better. So if someone knows or builds a tool that could offer something like I describe, ping me :)
Ionut Ciuta
Has to be GoodNotes. I use it on my iPad. I also have an Apple Pencil and I just love the combo. You can import PDFs and write over them and cool stuff like that. I also use it to make flashcards. The developers behind it did a great job!
David V. Kimball
OneNote for serious notetaking, Todoist for tasklist making, and Trello for project management.
Alisheik Manzoor
I was using the Default Notes when I was using iPhone.. Now using the Google Notes because I moved to Google Pixel.. so basically the Defaults..
Boma Josiah
I use Notion. Asides from the speed issues (which it appears they're fixing), it fits perfectly into my workflow. I use it for (almost) everything — writing content, project management, etc. It's super helpful having all I need in one place.
Max Greenwald
I use Warmly (https://warmly.ai/) since it lets you take and keep recurring notes on people in Zoom ... we just onboarded @rrhoover too