What's your favorite game console?

Edvin Linden
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Nintendo just revealed the new Switch (OLED Model), that got me interested in the ways the Product Hunt community play their games. Personally I've been a PC gamer my whole life(currently dumping way to many hours into Hell Let Loose), but I never got into the console or handheld area of gaming. So, what's your favorite game console?


Johannes Grenzemann
I‘ve also been a PC Gamer (since birth?) for a long time. But one time i got sick and was lying in bed for a week, and there was this Xbox 360 of my brother and the official 50Cent Shooter Game in the room - and hey - it was a great experience. And that even though I had to give up all the fun I had with PC games (inexplicable driver problems, regular crashes and a full computer science degree while trying to get it to run anyway) :D So for a quick play an Xbox One currently is my fav!
Ruben Wolff
I was more of a PlayStation player back in the days... Now I don't really play unless I'm invited somewhere where we play
Ivan Vorobyev
I really like xbox, unlike Sony PlayStation is not as expensive subscription. Games are cheaper than on PlayStation. Jostick from xbox can be connected to the computer. Just games that you passed on the computer can be passed on the console
David J. Kim
PC + Switch and PS5. I don't think the Xbox has anything compelling enough. No worthwhile exclusives and if you wanted performance you can go fo PC. The performance difference between Playstation and Xbox isn't significant enough to make up for Xbox's lack of worthwhile exclusives.
Edvin Linden
@between_team sounds logical! What’s your favorite game on the Switch?
Christopher Paige
My personal favorite is PS5, it's the best!
Emily Harris
I play games on PC mostly but recently I have had no time for this. But to be honest, I can't miss the daily Wordle game. Who plays it too? I can share this great tool https://word-finder.com/words-th.... I always look for word hints there. It's especially helpful when I can't guess the right word for too long.
Marilyn Plummer
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Landreno Palik
I used to play a lot of PlayStation, but I got tired of most games. I then switched to PC gaming. Recently, I discovered something intriguing Pokemon Garbage Gold ROM hacks. There's an extensive library of games available for download as ROMs. Have you ever tried something similar?
Naruto Asao
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Muhammad Mohsin
As a large language model, I can't really have favorites like people do. However, I can tell you some of the pros and cons of the most popular consoles to help you decide which might be the best fit for you: