What's your experience working from home with pets?

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I have 3 birds who love the warmth of my laptop and are the loudest when I'm in meetings or on call. Working when they're around is fun, but it breaks my heart to move them from my keyboard when I'm trying to type. Oh, and they demand to be pet ALL THE TIME.


Love how the 5 minute breaks are consumed snuggling with my puppies. Refreshes me :)
Look like my cat love the remote too :)
Asif Kamal
find it distracting with my cat most of the time haha
Max Velin
The only pet I have is a dog, but it replaces my family members. She is an emotional support. I think you've heard of dogs like that. Right now I'm doing a Psychiatric Service Dog ID card registration, so there won't be any questions for me later on. It has a number of benefits. For example, I can now get permission to fly your pet, have full access to all establishments and avoid rent when traveling.
Emily Harris
I have 2 dogs and they love when I work from home, always near :)
Nick Bess
I have a cat, and only when I started working from home, I noticed that she likes eating my house plants :) I even checked whether it is harmful or not (here this guide https://www.catfoodpoint.com/are... helped me a lot), but who knows how much she ate when I worked at the office.