What's your experience on launching on Product Hunt vs. Hacker News vs. Indie Hacker vs. ...?

Karl Rinderknecht
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Hey PHers! We plan to do launch on Product Hunt in the near future, but we're also considering other places as well — "Show HN", Indie Hackers, etc. Our main goal is get feedback on our hiring product but of course we'd also like to find some early users along the way — you can check out our upcoming page here. Wondering if anyone can share their experience or expertise on major difference that might make one platform better than another for certain types of companies or launches. My own take at the moment is that all are great places to generate some awareness and tap into supportive early adopters, but I can't tell which will be the best fit for our target customer or which will be the most impactful (amount of quality feedback, signups etc.).


Julia Doronina
We have the same thoughts regarding NH, it will be interesting to read your stories!
Karl Rinderknecht
🦗? I should have known that this crew is PH all the way! From what I can tell it's certainly the most purpose built platform for launching and getting feedback and definitely the best community. 😎