What's your biggest goal & what's stopping you from achieving it?

Olzhas B
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Reply with your biggest life goal below πŸ‘‡ (If you don't feel comfortable sharing the specifics you can reply with a generalized category, e.g. "Work", "Education", "Health", etc.) I'm conducting some research for my upcoming product and would appreciate any answer, detailed or not. Thank you!
I have a problem with starting tasks
I have a problem with finishing tasks
I have a problem with consistency
Nothing, I'm doing fine


Co FounderΒ @trooprHQ
I am doing fine :)
Founder @ Microvist
Finding my first customer in the hope to eventually turn my side project into my living. I'm a developer so while there's nothing stopping me it's slow going as it's not really my area of expertise.
Non fiction book lover and workaholic
Exercise but too much of work is stopping me