What's the upcoming digital marketing trend?

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Julia Doronina
Which part of the marketing do you mean? In digital marketing?
Scott Chen
The WhatsApp Business mobile app is the most recent development in digital marketing. It has emerged as one of the most popular messaging services worldwide. In addition to being able to send messages and make calls, WhatsApp also gives you the option to establish groups with up to 256 members and broadcast messages to them instantaneously on your phone or your WhatsApp account. As a result, WhatsApp is providing marketers with a fresh and useful avenue for communications that can aid in developing bonds with potential clients, consumers, and staff. Businesses interested in WhatsApp marketing can try out an automated programme called Social Epoch SCRM, which was created to send WhatsApp messages in mass directly from a PC or laptop in an efficient manner and was built on top of the Official WhatsApp Business APIs.