What's the right time to launch on Product Hunt?

I know it is a debatable topic. But in your experience what has worked for you to get your product featured in the top 10 (other than building something that a lot of people want)?


Rucha Joshi
Do you mean right time of the year/week day/hour or the right time in your product development stage to launch?
Rajat Dangi ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ
@rucha_joshi8 No, I mean the right time of the day to publish it on ProductHunt to get maximum reach/visibility.
Rucha Joshi
@rajat_dangi1 at 00:01 pacific time. Thatโ€™s when ph starts the day and your product will be featured for all of the 24h.
@rajat_dangi1 @rucha_joshi8 She said it best! All launches I have been apart of have done this, at the recommendation of some other seasoned 'hunters' with great metrics
Hassan Shaikh
@rajat_dangi1 and if you are looking for insights into which day is the best, just click through each day of the week and you'll see a clear trend that weekdays work much better than weekends. Also, middle of the week (Tuesday-Thursday) usually have highest # of votes for the top products. Of course # of votes isn't only because of website traffic, some founders/makers are very good at directing traffic to their producthunt launch. And keep in mind the consideration for product of the week, while maybe 90% of the traffic/upvotes come on the launch day, there are still quite a few strangler votes later in the week. So if you want to improve your chances at Prod of Week, launch earlier in the week.