What's the most critical component of building a successful business?

Pooja Kumar
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Having spent most of our careers working/ leading diverse startups and more recently at VenEx (GetVenEx.com) where my co-founder, Avi (Avinash Agrawal) and I are solving for at least one of these problems, don't know, with conviction, which of these are most critical. Would love to have your views.


Clément Rog
Creating a consistent story, from product to marketing. And making sure your niche cares about this story
Having a team you can fully trust to execute the plan like champions is a make it or break it 👌🏼
Imtiyaz - Curatora.io
You missed adding the option "Marketing". Marketing is the reason for any successful business.
Prakash Chandra
Building good team is most crucial component for sustainable growth
Helen Fiala
I'd definitely say it is validating your idea with your potential audience ASAP, build a dummy in figma or an MVP - no more than 3 weeks - and go out and speak to them. After that, you can focus on an amazing and strong team!