What's the first thing you look for in a product or service?

Maya Ben Zid
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Greg Ludvickson
The first thing I look for is: Do I want this? The second thing I look for is: Do I want this for that price? If the answer is no to either question, I don't buy it.
Christine Renee
The first thing I do is look at what features it offers. If it seems like it is something I will enjoy or will solve a problem I have then I look at two things -- how much does it cost and do they have a free trial period (for sass products and other products and services that have recurring costs.) Even if I don't think it fits in my budget ultimately, I will give it a try if I can get it for free for a period. If I absolutely love it, I'll figure out a way to afford it. I rarely subscribe to anything without a free trial.
matteo lo manto
If it's improving the way I am already doing things, then it's worth a try :)
Md Salehin Khan
How it's gonna solve my problem
David Tran
I have 2 questions when look into a product: - Does it solve my problem? - What is the price? Would be great if it is free. Otherwise, the price should be affordable. Btw, I think every SaaS should offer a free plan.