What's the first thing you do when you start a new project?

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When you start something new, how do you like to get organized? What do you do first? Make a notion page? Buy a domain? Create a logo? lol Curious how much time is spent on "getting set up" vs jumping right into creating or audience building and how others do it.


Shekhar Chandra
First thing I do is create a github repo. The though process goes into the readme and then I start from there.
Alexander Moen
Validate the idea, the solution, and the business potential. Although, sometimes I get excited thinking of names and buy domains early on too, haha.
@alexander_moen I know the name doesn't necessarily matter in the beginning but with marketing being 80% of the battle it's hard not to get caught up in the name even though we shouldn't!
Jenny Nicholson
I also have a bad habit of rashly buying domain names. Then I start talking to people about it, and check in with how I feel while I am discussing it. Do I feel more energized about it after the conversation? Do people seem excited about it? If I find myself wanting to talk about it with everyone I know, that's a good sign for me that I should make it happen. Then I get into validation, figuring out the most seamless and simple way to do it, and most importantly, making sure I am 100% certain there's a good reason WHY people would want to engage.
@missjenny You really unlocked something there - it's all about how you feel! That really doesn't get talked about enough when it comes to generating and choosing ideas. You can't fake excitement. It's contagious with your audience when it flows from you, if you try to do something that doesn't feel right it will be obvious to everyone else. Thanks for sharing your process!
Johannes Grenzemann
Brainstorm 8 hours about a catchy name 🤔
Johannes Grenzemann
@eveningloop well, you can workaround it with tryNAME or joinNAME or startNAME, but to be honest, I don't really like that approach - and see it at as personal challenge to come up with something innovative. How do you like my current: Infinity Maps :)
Vahid A.Nezhad
Building a Business Model Canvas🤓
Swagat Panigrahi
While starting out with https://thebutterapp.com , I just assembled my fellow partners and brainstormed modifications to the idea for hours!