What's the easy to learn and fast to build website builder (NO CODE) you tried?

Atul Ghorpade
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Hi PH friends, I tried WordPress platform for building my personal website few months back. Frankly, it feels really hard to build if you are newbie. That's why I'm looking for easy and fast website builder. If you built some projects using no code, then please share your tips. I know there are no code tools available like Bubble, Carrd, Softr, etc. Never tried them! P.s. I can share URL if you can give honest feedback and how to improve it. :)


Henry Coleman
I'm using Softr for some custom client portals but it's not quite covering all my needs.
Mario Camús 🤓
hey @atulghorpade, share the URL, I would like to help you on this and give you some (hopefully) useful feedback 💪🏼
Matthew Busel
@atulghorpade depends on a lot of factors including: - what exactly are you trying to build? - how technical are you? If the goal is a personal website as fast as possible, I'd look at: - Carrd - Notion + Super.so - Typedream If the goal is a highly customized, professional-looking personal site: - Webflow If you're trying to build a web-app: - Bubble - Bildr - Softr
Atul Ghorpade
@mbusel Thank you for detailed comment. I appreciate it! I tried WordPress for building personal website. But, it didn't work. Currently, trying Potion. :)
Tanya Sharma
Webflow is the absolute best tool I've used for websites!