What's the best way to structure internal documentation?

Oliver McQuitty
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We're currently looking to write out some internal documentation / knowledge base for our app to help our Operations and Customer Success teams. Basically trying to avoid the "What's the process with X feature or Y process?" question being asked and also building out a single source of truth on what each part of our app does. We have a lot of complex processes and various internal tools. Doing this from a product management perspective but engineering input also helpful 👋


Marie Malikova
Use Confluence, it's an amazingly convenient solution.
Pradeepa Somasundaram
The best way to structure internal documentation depends on the needs of your organization and the nature of the documentation you are creating. However, here are some general guidelines that can help you create a structured and organized documentation: Categorize your documentation: Create categories or folders for different types of documentation, such as policies, procedures, guidelines, best practices, and troubleshooting guides. Use a consistent format: Use a consistent format for your documentation to make it easy to read and understand. This could include using headings, bullet points, numbered lists, and tables. Use a logical hierarchy: Organize your documentation in a logical hierarchy, with high-level overviews at the top and more detailed information as you go deeper into each category or topic. Use cross-referencing: Use hyperlinks to cross-reference related documents or information within your documentation. This can help users navigate between related topics quickly and easily. Provide a search function: Make it easy for users to find information by providing a search function that can quickly and accurately search through your documentation. Update regularly: Keep your documentation up to date by reviewing and updating it regularly. Set up a process for reviewing documentation periodically to ensure it remains accurate and relevant. By following these guidelines, you can create a structured and organized internal documentation that is easy to navigate, search, and understand. It can also help to involve relevant stakeholders in the documentation process to ensure that the documentation meets their needs and is aligned with organizational goals. You can try Document360 for creating beautiful documentation for your teams.