💭: What's the best use of Emojis for you?

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I've been working on an app which uses emojis as a key component in note taking called 'Notmoji'. Today we have launched it on ProductHunt and curious to know what are the different ways people use emojis.


Begüm Bayram
I loved your product. I realized every culture use emojies different way while texting. For Turkish people we generally use facial expressions. But I saw in a American Series that teenagers in US literally talking with emojies without any word. I wonder if it is true.
@begum_bayram It's my pleasure to hear that. Yeah, we found many Twitter bios simply with emojis. As a early mover who takes emojis on to-dos we are watching closely the responses from different communities. Thanks again for your kind words and support ☺️
Chandan Das
When you share emoji with angry person
Asif Kaal
mostly to express our words better. Because sometimes words are not enough, you can say it works as a non verbal communication
@asif_k Absolutely! I am dreaming of a culture where we can simply cutdown phrases that we are used to, with an emoji. Sometimes we are wasting our limited time on typing things we know well, just can be recollected quickly, with long texts, which can be replaced with an emoji. This thought was the cornerstone for building an emoji-first note taking app -'Notmoji'
Hwei Oh
Mostly to like or acknowledge something, but more recently I've been using them to provide a bit more emphasis to something I'm trying to convey.