What's the best tool for creating simple SaaS explainer videos?

Joel Schneider
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I don't want to spend countless hours learning Adobe After Effects just to create a short product video with some simple animations and zoom-in effects 😅 Any recommendations? 🙏 Here are two example videos of what I had in mind: Airtable:


Vadim Skopintsev
Hey @joel_schneider_ 👋 Oh, don't want to self-promote 🙂, but sounds like you're looking for Pixiko And today we've launched on Product Hunt 🙃
Joel Schneider
@onlymateo Hey Vadim, haha that's a great coincidence :) Will make sure to give Pixiko a try!
Eugenia Liu-Ti-Fu
lots of features - a variety of videos-great!
Lidia Pop
Hello. We just launched FLOW - Video Editor today, and it might be what you're lookign for. FLOW has the following transitions: ZOOM, SWIPE, ROTATE and LUMA, and it offers full control over the ease functions. Maybe it is worth giving it a try.
Joel Schneider
@lidia_pop Hi Lidia, Thanks for your comment but from the looks of it, your app does not really address what I had in mind. Thanks anyway :)
Joel Schneider
After doing some more research on the topic, I found Kap (https://getkap.co/) to be a great open source tool to record videos (which is better than Quicktime Player). This tool would cover the first part of the workflow, however, I'm still missing a tool for the second part: Putting all recordings together and connecting them with animations like in the examples above. Any ideas?
Onindo Ahmed
I didn't find a good alternative to After Effects, so started teaching myself how to use it. Also getting tips from a professional animator and buying templates to understand the inner workings of different kinds of promo videos!
Tanya Sharma
Hey Joel! I stumbled on this post looking for exactly the same thing! What did you end up using in the end? Do you know of any agencies that could create these videos? Many thanks!
Joel Schneider
Hey Tanya, I got in contact with someone from Peppertype.ai bc they had a great explainer video
). I can send you the contact details of the designer who created it. Just reached out to you on LinkedIn :)