What's one software that you find hard to use?

Dhruv Bhatia
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What's one product or software that you find hard to use but have to use it due to work compulsions or other reasons?


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Jira - I'm impressed that it's still the most popular tool in its area. Google Analytics - you can probably find anything there, but you probably also need a PhD.
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@mradzikowski Totally agree with both. A bunch of tools have recently sprung up to take on Jira (Linear, Clubhouse) but don't think any have made it very big yet
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@dhruv_bhatia yeah, there is a bunch of Jira alternatives, but it's still a standard for big companies. To be honest, the number of plugins and integrations probably justifies it.
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@mradzikowski +1 on google analytics
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Still trying to be comfortable with FL Studio