What's important for your business while identification/verification of users?

Olena Romaniuk
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Customer identification and verification in digital world is getting more and more crucial. What factors do you consider to be the most impactful while approaching your users identification? What challenges are you facing?


What kind of customer identification & verification are you referring to, Olena? For our SaaS product, we use social login to help reduce the stress of having to manage our users.
Olena Romaniuk
@k_j1 thank you for the reply. I mean the way you get to know your users, and make sure they are who they say they are. Does that answear your question?
Alina Ihnatiuk
Probably the most important thing to start is confirmation of personal data (mail, phone number).
Michael Moore
In the digital landscape, user identification and verification are vital but challenging aspects, especially in the finance and tech sectors. Cyber threats, identity theft, and evolving fraud techniques are persistent challenges. To address them, industry collaboration is key. Sharing insights about emerging threats, investing in cutting-edge encryption and biometric technologies, and fostering a culture of continuous learning among professionals can significantly enhance our ability to combat these challenges.