What part of software projects do you despise?

Kai Malcolm
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Hey PH! First discussion here, so let me know if I'm doing something wrong. My question is, when developing and maintaining software projects, what's a chore or part of the process that you don't look forward to, or would even go as far as saying you despise? I'll put a poll here, but I'd love to hear more in replies. Cheers!
Concept Development
UI Design
UX Planning
Frontend Development
Backend Development
Collecting Analytics
Finding Bugs/Users reporting bugs
Iterating/Deciding what to update


Not to be "that guy", but i despise none of the things in the poll. I quite enjoy them all XD ... I do despise being forced to network and sell my product cause otherwise all of my hardwork brought me 0$ XD
@nidal_ghonaim Of course! I know some people have a least favorite part though.
I am a freelancer.
I can underestimate any part of the software.Because these are needed all the time.