What parameters did you evaluate before hiring your first employee?

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Kevin Offret
I would really look at his intelligence and likeability during his trial period. It's essential to have someone really nice when you work in a team.
Alexey Shashkov
What parameters did I evaluate before hiring my first employee? That we are on the same page 📄
Minal Joshi Jaeckli
Hey Ajeya, I always look for people I collaborate well with. Collaboration being the sweet spot of having someone on my team who 1) knows how to do the job and 2) actually has the "right" attitude. Funny thing about this "right" attitude part is what's "right" is a two way street 🤔 like when you go running with someone, the "right" pace is totally dependent on what you find to be the "right" pace... which is going to be different for another person. You know? Anyway, I have built an algorithm that does a fast two-sided bias-free assessment that tells how well two people collaborate. Of course, it's easy to validate with existing team members (or with anyone you've worked with in the past) - if you'd like help with hiring, reach out. Best, Minal
Angela White
When I hired my first employee (which was not more than a year ago since we only started in July last year), I was very keen on examining the personality traits of every applicant. That’s because I had an idea of an “ideal work culture” and wanted to check if the candidates fit in with that. For this job, I used some ready-made personality tests by a quiz tool (https://www.proprofs.com/quiz-sc...) along with a couple of tests that I designed on my own. Looking back, I think it was a very good decision on my part since the first few employees that I hired helped me a lot in getting my fledgling startup on track.