What online community do you love being a part of?

Dhruv Bhatia
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Mitchell Orme
I really like being a part of Indie Worldwide on Slack, they've been a really engaging community, they offer really great advice and have offered incredible resources and webinars. I've happily woken up/stayed up late just to be a part of them!
Gleb Braverman
Here are some of my favourite slacks: - This week in startups by Jason Calacanis (37k members) - Acquired (7k members) - The Product Folks (7k members) - Inside.com Slack, *invite only* (3.6k members), they sometimes post invite codes on twitter - Friends of Lenny's, *invite only*(5k members) - Need to sign up for Lenny's newsletter - The best product related community in the world as of today