What marketing strategy to use?

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Hi, I am new here and I turn to this community for advice! I am working in a technology company and I am in charge of the marketing and sales sector. We have currently developed a passive investment platform in crypto, we are starting with its promotion and the truth is that no matter how much I do, I do not get results. I need tips on marketing strategy that I can carry. Can you help me? This is the website we are working on: https://www.mitthecalma.com/es/home Do you think it needs any changes? How do you think I can reach people? I'm desperate!! My boss wants results and I want to achieve goals. Any ideas? Thanks a lot :)


Alexander Moen
can you link to your current social media channels or provide a link to any of your current marketing efforts? Knowing what you're trying now will be more helpful, as any tips might not work if something else behind the scenes is off.
@alexander_moen Hello Alexander. Currently, we are promoting the platform through instagram, this is the link: https://www.instagram.com/mitthe... We are also positioning the web, in addition to addressing the media for possible collaborations. Our idea is also to try to do LinkedIn campaigns, but we don't know where to start ... What do you think needs to be changed? Thank a lot for your comment.
Alexander Moen
@yasminagg do you have any beta customers yet? If so, talk to them. Where did they hear about you? What do they like most about the platform? Least? Have them tell you about the moment they first decided to purchase from you- were they on the website or somewhere else? What was the exact moment and what feeling and action that occurred and followed that moment? Have they been involved in cryptocurrency before, and if so how? What's their experience with your competitors? If you waved a magic wand and they were in charge of your business and could change anything, what would they change? Those questions will give you a good idea of who you are actually successfully targeting and how and the type of messaging that will most likely work. Try to look for commonalities with the top customers. As far as platforms, I don't think Instagram is the way to go for what you are doing. I'm not as familiar with the Spanish market, but it's saturated as hell in English and also attracts audiences that aren't likely to be in the mindset to consider anything like your platform. Plus, crypto (at least in English areas) has people more skeptical and you'll need to build more trust and create a great offer that makes you stand out. I don't fully understand why I would choose your platform over the 100s of other options out there. I recommend looking into LinkedIn and starting with a good hashtag strategy. Since you do not have a following, if you can capture the attention of hashtag followers, that will work best. I recently launched my company and regularly get 5k+ views on my company's LinkedIn posts. I put together a video here if you're curious as to how to do it:
And, it doesn't look as though you fully launched yet, so perhaps a combination of learning materials in conjunction with business building behind-the-scenes work will capture the most attention. Drive that attention toward your email list and getting them updates. Use that for a big launch. Otherwise, if you need some wins, you'll either need a big budget, patience, or a 1-on-1 sales strategy to start reaching out and starting conversations on your own. Hope that was helpful.
@alexander_moen Hello Alexander, Thank you very much for taking the time to advise me. The truth is that everything you expose is very useful and I will take advice. What type of campaign do you recommend me to carry out on LinkedIn? Thank you so much for everything : )
Alexander Moen
@yasminagg I don't know enough about your ideal customer and cultural differences and things of that nature. The best flow for marketing and sales funnels that is consistent is breaking up the customer journey into 4 steps: 1) Going from unaware to aware 2) Going from aware to considering a purchase 3) From Consideration to Purchase 4) Going from purchase to maintenance (upsells, cross-sells, increase customer lifetime, etc). It sounds as though your company is brand new, so I'd just get word out first. Creativity and reach are the two largest drivers for sales success, so get the word out to as many people as possible in creative ways. When you think of ways to do that, use my LinkedIn strategy mentioned in the video I linked to in the last comment. I get thousands of organic views per post by doing that.
Swan Bella
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Dinakar Sakthivel
Hi Yasmina, it looks like you're aiming for short term growth. Growth on social media takes a long time to work. I started with Instagram for one of my projects. I started with zero followers and after months of work (7 - 10 months), we're currently at 8K+ followers. We're organically growing more than 400 followers every month. It should take similar time for you if you focus on Instagram growth. You can however see better results if you spend more than half of your work day growth hacking your company. You can expect viral growth on social media only if you have an existing following. Try these channels if short term growth is what you're after: 1. Sales - Cold email and cold DMing your audience 2. Social media ads and Search engine ads - Might require some budget 3. Lead magnet + email marketing combo - Instagram works well with lead magnets. You can grow your following while growing your email subscribers. 4. PR - Might need some luck but beating featured on media publications can bring in a lot of customers/users 5. Influencer marketing - Partner with influencers in your niche and work on mutually benefiting partnerships (such as affiliate/referral etc) for both the parties Focusing on short-term gains can be tiring in the long term. So as you do the above ones, incrementally work on long term channels: 1. SEO - takes the longest but works wonders 2. Hiring a sales team - sales is inherently scalable 3. Business development - similar to partnerships, affiliate and influencer marketing 4. Social media - your efforts compound on social media and it takes less time to produce results than SEO I wish you the best with your work. Let me know if you have any questions.
@dinakar Hello Dinakar, Thank you very much for your advice, I will take note and surely you will. I am going to publish a post, in which I ask for advice on how to create Facebook business manager, because I am having a lot of problems registering ... Do you think you can give me some advice about it? Again, thank you very much for your comment, it will be very useful to me. :)
Dawn Veltri
Hi @yasminagg first I agree with everything that Dinakar and Alexander said. They both posted good actionable advice. Second I would say that part of being a good team member is setting appropriate expectations. Marketing is a long game. There is a lot of hustle involved in marketing a startup. Kat Manalac has a great video in Startup School called How to Launch (Again and Again) where she talks about the things startups did to get users when they first started. That would be a helpful place to start. Ask as many people as you can to use your app and give you feedback.