What makes good content great?

Nick Hladush
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How do you guys create great content? What KPIs do you use to make sure it is so?


Ostap Yaroshevych
Great Content Is Original!!! So, to make it: - Never copy text from somewhere else. Avoid plagiarism by citing research and using your own words to describe the concept. - Always use multiple sources when researching. - Give your text a unique structure. - Use your own unique style. - Use your own reasoning.
Nick Hladush
@ostap_yaroshevych I like the unique style bit. That's surely one of the most important things. Thank you!
Urvi Patel
Truth! Simplicity! Functionality! Comfort!
Arslan Khalid
Good content => Shares same insights that have already been shared in different words. Great content => Shares insights connected with your own knowledge and intuition. Great content does not copy perspective. It has its own perspective because you added your spice in it.
Isabel Nyo
Good content is insightful. Great content is personal, insightful, enjoyable and relatable.
- In-depth - Easier to skim - Actionable - Properly formatted - Answer user questions - Keyword optimized - Backed by your research (not someone else's) - Blog fonts are good as well
Nick Hladush
@falak_sher Actionable - that's what I like the most. It's always nice when you can go and do something with the stuff you've just learned
Relevancy factor. Always
John Delavera
Write like talking to a good friend, use bullets for benefits, target the heart of the readers.
F Zarus
A great content is content that will get more read, more shares and talked about often. However a good content keeps lying down there.
F Zarus
@nick_newoldstamp righty said and thanks for your reply. Just to add a little more, "Great" is basically a task accomplished, more eyes on it and moving forward and when you look back, there stays "Good" way back :)
Md. Ekram Hossan
Keeping interesting things