What kind of promotion should I do for the upcoming BFCM?

Blake Evans
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Only 2 months left until the biggest sale of the year - Black Friday & Cyber Monday! So what kind of promotion do you think customers will be easily attracted to, especially on e-commerce platforms?


Rachel E. Allen
Depends. What's the product?
Blake Evans
@rachel_e_allen My team is currently launching an app to help merchants boost sales on e-commerce platforms. Therefore, during BFCM I don't know what kind of promotion will attract them to use my app?
Amanda Tunner
The promotion can be various, it'll be depended on the type of products and who you're marketing to: - If you want to promote a B2B eCommerce app, you can give out sample products or free trials, discounts for feature packages, etc. - For B2C, it's a lot easier as the product is pretty common. The promotional strategy that you can think about includes % off sitewide, BOGO, extra % off on sale items, bundles, flash sales, etc.