What is your workday routine? How do you course-correct?

Dylan Merideth
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I am currently trying to find what makes me my most productive and efficient and balanced. Self-awareness is coming into play definitely, but I want to learn and listen before I hinder myself with some 4am wakeups Right now I wake up, work out, eat breakfast, meditate, and sign on at around 9, work til 7-8. What do you do to perform at your highest?


Dylan Merideth
Does waking up that early give you an advantage?
Wake up > join daily huddle > eat > take a bath > start working > go for a run 3 hours after I started working > cook dinner > eat > take a bath > get back to work for 5 hours> play games > read a novel > sleep.
Dylan Merideth
@legonaidas Thats a packed day! Whats your rhythm around bedtime? early riser or nightowl?