What is your strategy for meeting notes? 📝

Justin Cranshaw
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Do you take meeting notes? What are your strategies? What's working for you? What's not working? Any pain points when going back to your meeting notes? And of course, what products are you using? I'm curious about both personal and team notes. I'm working on something in this space. We're still a bit away from launching, but you can check out our upcoming page for an early peak. We love feedback. 🙏 https://www.producthunt.com/upco...


Cameron Caldwell
I take meeting notes following the same Google doc templates. I would love to click a button within Zoom or Google Meet that opened my note template and automatically saved it in my drive when the meeting ends
Matthew Busel
We use Notion for meeting notes. We have a "Meetings & Events" database sorted by date. We then link those meeting notes to a Contact if the meeting was with someone external to the company.
Luka Vasic
I usually take notes in a notepad during the meeting and then put them into my notion CRM. Because I use LinkedIn to connect with people and arrange meetings I also u Lead Delta to add notes about what happened during the meeting.
Sean Song
I believe meetings notes are part of a company operating system. Note taking is a ring of the chain. The bigger picture is about task management. Then meeting module (how to prepare, how to start, how to take notes and how to end with tasks and assignments). And there're different meeting: 1. project meetings 2. team daily standup meetings (no need for notes) 3. business meetings 4. strategy meetings For different meetings, the purpose and architecture are different, so what I described above is mostly about project/development meetings.
Junior Owolabi
After the meeting, I either send an email or slack message detailing the talking points and action items, to clarify all participants or be on the same page. After we all agreed, I record it on confluence or in onenote