What is your purpose of using product hunt platform?

Jacob Hill
8 replies
I created an account here for discussions and what is yours?


Piotr Zgierski
A huge feedback about products and search for very interesting new products. I found here many helpful tools and hacks.
@piotr_zgierski Searching for new products, for sure! There is gold out here if we look close enough
Stacey Waring
To see the many interesting products and maybe try out and give reviews for those that I try.
I love the discussion forums, the new products and also promote my own application
Scarlett Wilson
Sharing products and finding products
Ryan French
Mainly here for discussion and to learn from others.
John Mirochnik
I used it as an outlet to spread product awareness for my applications and discussion purposes. However, when it comes to marketing products, I have much greater success using Facebook forums, LinkedIn (product page) and Instagram.