What is your longest streak on Product Hunt?

Nazli Gulenc
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👋Hello I am Nazli. Well, I am a total newbie here 🥰 I am a medical doctor who is trying to figure out indie making :D Checking PH became a part of my morning routine. By today I have 31 days streak 💃🏻. And I wonder What is your longest streak on Product Hunt? or what is the longest streak you saw? 🤩


Yucel F. Sahan
52 so far :)
Ugur KILCI 😈
I've used the Producthunt app for a long time and that feature isn't there yet. That's why it doesn't count. :D dlfkgjdgl Only 10 days accumulated.
Gurpinder Singh
6 days as of now. It actually became a part of my morning routine as well.
I joined PH this month and currently on 19 day streak :)
Luka Vasic
27 so far and going strong.
Currently on 115 days at the moment....
@nazli_gulenc It would be more but I had a problem posting during the Christmas Holidays as my account was locked....
Dylan Merideth
@maxwellcdavis Tbh Maxwell, I saw your points and wondered what the streak was since we first interacted on PH. I respect your consistency deeply, aspiring to get somewhere close to you.
Nazli Gulenc
@maxwellcdavis Oh, I see 🥸 Why is your account locked?
Kazimieras Melaika
Had a 42 days streak but then I took Friday-Sunday off and went on a short vacation. That's when I lost my streak... But anyway, it was just for entertaining myself. Taking some days off from the computer and social media from time to time is very important. Let's you recharge and continue working in full speed! Btw, we’re launching in late April or the start of May. Check out our upcoming PH page: www.producthunt.com/upcoming/eff... Our project is called: Effecto. It’s an app for detailed health tracking. Pretty much for everything that is related to your physical or mental health and every daily factor that can affect you.
Nazli Gulenc
@kmelaika Hey, Kazimieras Thank you! I can not be more agree on taking the days off, entertaining and recharhing. #Buildinpublic is cool, but we need to promote #restinpublic more🤩 Rest is a basic human need, a form of selfcare and selfLove🥰 . On the other hand, this "Don't break the chain" kind-of-tecnique ProductHunt uses(Big big thanks to Seinfield which is made it so popular) is a simple and great way if you want to build daily habit or establish ritual. Effecto is sounds great! I subscribed. Good luck with launch! When I am using this kind of health tracking apps(apple health for ex.); The hardest part is entering all data manually. And ıf you want to track more then one health variables, It becomes such a "burden" when you choose to do everyday. And if you choose not to do it everyday, Data loses its importance mostly.(I might be wrong of course) UX of this apps will improve when they have easier ways to get the data. What do you think?
Kazimieras Melaika
@nazli_gulenc I agree. It's easy to add the data at the start but then you just don't find time anymore or just don't want to spend those extra minutes entering the data. But what helps is syncing with your smartphone health apps and getting all the data from it (like sleep, physical activity, etc.). If you need to measure your heart rate, you can probably connect your HR measurement device to your mobile phone and sync the data as well. The same could go with glucose, etc. etc. But what we're trying to do is simplify the entry of these things as much as possible - as little clicks as possible. I think we'll manage to do reach this!
Dylan Merideth
I got to 14 and got sick, but we are back and better than ever!:) Welcome to the PH:)
Nazli Gulenc
@dylan_merideth Oh, are you feeling better now right? 😁
Nazli Gulenc
@dylan_merideth 😇 Good to hear :) By the way I just noticed, are you an immunologist for reaal 🤩 Coooool
Nazli Gulenc
@dylan_merideth WOOW I am an MD and pediatrician, I am actually a total newbie here and all-time learning all king of new stuff 🥹Kaplan was my was fav immunology book🧫 But have to say that.-I am not so good with all MHC, CD++ classes etc... 🥲 Alsoo, I followed some chronic granulomatous disease patients and inherited disorders of the immune system. It was sooo exciting
Dylan Merideth
@nazli_gulenc Kaplan was great! haha I remember that one. The way we understand histocompatibility and clusters of differentiation is growing so quickly its hard to follow. Our immune system is still a relative black box, and immune cells are so varied in phenotype and function so collaboratively its hard to draw definitive lines around functions and correlate to clinical outcomes, but I would also ascertain that it is the crux of the personalized medicine problem. Cell therapy is really exciting, and its yet to be understood enough to help us treat chronic disease like that of the patients you studied. Fingers crossed>__<
Mark Wellman
I only joined last week and currently on a 5 day streak. It's now a part of my routine so I'll see how high I can go!