What is your favorite tool for taking notes?

Qudsia Ali
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I am looking for some suggestions for note-taking apps as I want to switch. Please share the app you use or found most helpful.


Sabah Kemal
Apple Notes and Notion
Qudsia Ali
@sabahkemalcans @jan_beisheim Thank you for the recommendation.
Mac notes :)
Qudsia Ali
@g_sanjna No doubt, it is a great tool.
Qudsia Ali
@jan_beisheim Thank you for the suggestion, I will check it out.
Paul VanZandt
I find Apple notes the most convenient, but maybe that's just because it's right there on my dashboard. My friend (and I) use a program called Idenati to keep track of passwords, etc. He loves their notes feature. Might be worth a try 🤙
Qudsia Ali
@paul_vanzandt For mac, apple notes are good. But I am looking for my windows laptop. Thank you for your suggestion on ''Idenati''. I will try it.
I would sometimes have e-notes on my laptop and multiple phones (work and personal). But when the time comes, I don't have my notes with me because it is either on my laptop or my other phone. So, I created a simple e-notes cloud app with categories to go along with another app I created, to-do lists, to reference the e-notes with, if needed. I will be launching these apps soon in ProductHunt at https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
Qudsia Ali
@reyalteedotcom This is something extraordinary, Best of luck with your Launch. I will keep an eye on it.
Post-it notes to keep important info in front of me. SideNotes for Mac for catching all these little things throughout the day. (snippets, screenshots, shortcuts, links, quotes, ...) Apple Notes for everything else.
Qudsia Ali
@w_j Thank you for all sharing, I will try sidenotes.
@qudsia_ali Cool. I started using my first mac with sidenotes installed. I can't imagine working without this app. It's easy getable and I use it many times a day.
Pablo Fatas
For quick notes I’ll use the apple notes but if I am taking meeting notes I’ll make a Notion document
Martina Hackbartt
Notion and ReSkript! :) Notion is great but lacks a good editable and exportable document editor.
Qudsia Ali
@martina_hackbartt, I have not used ReSkript. Thank you for suggesting it. I will try it.
Jamie Stirrat
Notion! It's the only app where I feel the notes won't get lost, and they are mine. Used to use a moleskine for years when I worked as an architect.
Jamie Stirrat
Would also say the desktop app makes a massive difference here. I probably would use Apple notes if there wasn't a Notion desktop app.
Qudsia Ali
@jamesstirrat Notion is an excellent app as I can use it on my windows and mac laptops.
Arun Pariyar
I like to take my raw notes on something minimal like TextEdit(I am using a mac). Once my thoughts are out of my mind then I copy it to where they will be stored permanently mostly (Notion). I like to keep it that way because I don't want grammar and syntax to be pointed at me straight away. Raw, doesn't have to be perfect but out of your mind and the real work can then begin 😉
Qudsia Ali
@arunpariyar Great suggestion. I Completely agree with you on your point that raw should not be perfect.
Louis Min
Apple Notes for quick note taking and Obsidian for storing long-term notes
Qudsia Ali
@louismin I have not tried Obsidian, Will try it as well. Thank you for mentioning.
Pretty Bombshell
Using my phone to take notes is easiest for me :)
Qudsia Ali
@pretty_bombshell Yes it is, which app you use on your phone for taking notes?
Joanna Kurylo
I use a combination of Notion and Nebu!
Qudsia Ali
@joannakurylo Both are great Tools. Thank you for sharing