What is your favorite part of your job?

Miri Blayckher
8 replies
What do you do, and why do you love doing that? (let's start the week with a smile ☺️)


Linda Liepa
I'm managing different communities on CoinGate in fast pacing environment of cryptocurrencies. I also work closely with customer support to ensure our clients are satisfied with our services and listen if there is a need for improvement. My favorite part of my job is to make an impact on making our company better, as my team is ready to listen. As I'm interested in the FinTech environment, I love to have behind-the-scenes experience in cryptocurrencies. How about you @miri_blayckher?
Miri Blayckher
@linda_liepa making an impact is so important! I'm so glad you're there to make a change for the better. I love the variety of things I get to do. We're a startup, and I get to write content, come up with creative ideas - and be a part of creating something so great from the group up. It's such a blessing, especially these days.
Alexander Moen
when I'm in a small business, I get excited by each tangible step forward. If I have a productive day and my checklist is knocked out, I can see progress at the level of a single day or single week and be stoked on it.
robiul haque
Every new case is exciting because I either solve the case for the law enforcement or help a family to be reunited (parentage and kinship cases). Overall I get a good feeling that I made a difference in somebody’s life.
Vio Vanica
Talking and building the community, really caring about all the members' needs. It simply fulfills me to hear that MyFocusSpace for examples helps them be more productive, get things done faster, keep themselves accountable.
Akinori Nakajima
Plan, collaborate, organize projects to my teams!