What is your favorite Logo? πŸ’˜πŸ‘€

I love Logo brands, What is your favorite one in terms of design/graphic? and why?


Inna Proshkina
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I like FedEx logo. It has a simple design with the β€œhidden” arrow in the whitespace (between E and X). Have you noticed that? And of course I love Neuton.AI logo and the brand in general. It has a beautiful story. We've all heard the story when a young Newton was sitting beneath an apple tree contemplating the universe. Suddenly an apple hit him on the head. Eureka! - he shouted. In an instant, he got a brilliant idea that lay in the foundation of the gravity theory. This story and one of the world's brightest scientists inspired us to our current logo - a head hit by half a dozen of apples - and the name Neuton.AI, a disruptive neural network and AutoML platform.
Dagobert Renouf
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My favorite startup logo is stripe. The font is so simple, and yet with the colors and the overall design, they manage to stand out a lot. Top class work. I hope you don't mind that I mention it, but I'm building a logo design product myself. It's a tool to brand your startup without hiring a designer. You answer questions about your project and we give you: colors, fonts, logo design. I made it with my wife who is an expert brand designer. You can see it here https://www.logology.co/ Always curious to get feedback, we haven't officially launched yet πŸ˜…
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I'm a big fan of simple logos with hidden/double meaning that convey something core about the brand. Some favorites are Tostitos, Le Tour de France, Pittsburgh Zoo, and the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO).
Just Spas
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Anton Ross
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