What is your biggest learning experience from failure?

Aaron O'Leary
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Failure presents great opportunities to learn and some might stick with you. Mine would likely be community first, failing to prioritise community building and nurturing caused my first project to dwindle


Jijo Sunny
Aaron, how would you bootstrap community activity if you were starting today? Any tool recs? Even a high level answer would be helpful!
Tim Carambat
For me, I had created a tech service that allowed multiple people at the same time to own a domain, but when it was visited you would be redirected to another site depending on who was leading that geographic area. For example you could own example.com in some region and i could in another. Anyone visiting that site in your area would see your site and in my area, the site I set. We could then both advertise with this premium domain for pennies of what it costs IRL. Cool tech, but no one wants to do that. I bit of market research wouldve probably shown me that. Dosent help my launch was during covid where ad dollars evaporated in terms to keep businesses doors open. So in a word - market research and validation before building.
Failing when the product doesn't find a market is easier to accept than the opposite, in the past, I had to experiment with a startup shut down due to the core team implosion, the hardest part was that we reached 500K, active users, with a 10% per week growth rate... I've learned 2 lessons: 1/ Co-found with like-minded people and aligned visions and interests. 2/ Failure doesn't kill you, it's just one step along your path
Anyone can do it. And most do.
Foysol Ali
this is very good and intersting for this is it
Natalie Karakina
Was afraid to be noisy, extraordinary ----> didn't try anything crazy enough Now – I'm trying to do the first step in 48 hours
Nathan Challen
Build products that you yourself need and would use. Build in a domain that you are familiar with and have particular expertise in. The fringes and overlaps of your area of expertise and some other domain are where the opportunities are.
Piotr Pawłowski
Probably disqualification from first place at the Olympics, for technical reasons, eg. in kayaking. A wet towel changes the weight to off-regulation.
My main experience was that the value of failing is overestimated and succeeding is a much more valuable experience.
Md. Lutfur Rahman
Failure is the piller of success
raskim goyenka
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Bruno Teixeira
I think for me it really was understanding who you are. When you devote so much of yourself into something, you loss a bit of the sense of who you are. It gets mixed with what you're building/working on. When that thing fails, it can either break you or help you find yourself. It's a painful journey, that totally worth it.
Althaf KR
I could make a make a project after failing 5 times before. Failure makes you identify mistakes you did in the first place and come back stronger the next time. Never give up on your dreams just because you failed couple of times.
Himel Rana Sweet
Fail= First Attempt in Learn
Michael Ventures
my biggest learning experience from failure was to embrace it. Far to many of us run away from failure and or not see the true lesson it is teaching us. If we can truly embrace failure then we can truly embrace success
Blessed Ayeyame
Failure has taught me to be open to new ideas in order to succeed
Kim Lining
Then I'm learning every day 🤣🤣