What is your #1 tip for building a successful user community?

Kathryn Leslie
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I'm in the process of building and strengthening a community of users for my startup, and I'm interested to hear your insights and tips on how to do this successfully.


Sergio Zaciu
Picking only one? Solve a clear and common problem for that community in an obvious way, and become the most most helpful place for people in that community to go. Do whatever you can to be helpful. In my case, we’re making a platform for movie recommendations in short-form video. When people post and comment, seeking new recs, I give the best ones I can find! I watch thousands and thousands of movies, because being an encyclopedia is what helps that community. Hope that helps!
Kathryn Leslie
@szaciu I love it - the problem you solve should be stupid simple. I think responsiveness is also key when building a community.
Nabeel Amir
The key to a successful user community is to build something that people actually want. Most startups fail not because they fail to execute, but because no one wants to use their service in the first place.
Serve your current members in the community with excellence