What is Twitter Sentiment Analysis?

Shreya Sahani
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Can anyone explain to me what is Twitter sentiment analysis in layman's term?


Kate Finch
Twitter has more than 350 million active monthly users, allowing organizations to reach a large number of consumers and have direct communication with them. A single tweet has such a profound impact that it can make or break a company's reputation that's why using a sentiment analysis tool like Bytesview is crucial for them. Social media monitoring has become a key strategy for them as it allows them to understand emotions in any conversations on social media platforms. To gain useful insights, identify, collect, and analyze social media data, a sentiment analysis solution can be used to determine the sentiment of any social media event. I hope my answer helped you.
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Sentiment analysis refers to identifying as well as classifying the sentiments that are expressed in the text source. Tweets are often useful in generating a vast amount of sentiment data upon analysis. These data are useful in understanding the opinion of the people about a variety of topics. MI Bridges
Riddhi Dagli
Sentiment analysis basically studies the subjective information in an expression that is the opinions, emotions or attitudes towards a topic, person or entity. This sentiment is further quantified with a positive, negative or neutral value, called polarity. Based on the polarity the overall sentiment is inferred as positive, negative or neutral. This polarity is calculated based on the number of positive/negative words. In the context of Twitter, sentiment analysis quantifies the mood of a tweet by counting the number of positive/negative words. 

For example: Positive - My experience so far has been fantastic.
 Negative - Your support team is useless.
 Neutral - The product is ok I guess.