What is the safest site to buy cryptocurrency?

Lee Herbert
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Help me guys tell me the best place from where I can do trading safely and invest in good cryptocurrency


Shael 001
To win like a horse race you have to stop saving money in banks because now the future is crypto trading, the big bank is now online which is more power and win possibilities join us for more information https://zignaly.com/crypto-copy-... we are happy to help you to get big bonza.
Hugh Dawkins
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I'd recommend sticking to one of the big names, to begin with (Coinbase, Binance etc). Once you've taken the plunge you can expand into other exchanges!
Gleb Braverman
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James Lester
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After analyzing the safest cryptocurrency site to buy I would prefer Coinbase.
Mark Leon
Why you read that?:D
Thanks for the information, the choice of cryptocurrency is very important, and investing in it is a very good idea, since now a lot of companies accept cryptocurrency, and now it is even in games, I can advise a site where the best platforms where you can play crypto: https://www.wtvr.com/brand-spotl... I advise you to try
Seijes Sferum
Hi! Good question. I can recommend you a great exchange for cryptocurrency trading - binance! https://www.binance.com/ It has over 600 cryptocurrencies, NFT and other things. This is the safest of all crypto exchanges I know. They have great support and bonuses for newbies, so sign up and go for it! I'm sure you will do great!