What is the problem faced by HR during this pandemic period?

Priya Varrier
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Due to digitalisation most of the jobs had changed to online. But jobs like HR has been difficult to process effectively. The resources are difficult to manage through online. It is also hard to understand the feelings of workers towards objectives. Less control over resources is also a disadvantage.


Jason Cavness
To me the biggest problem is something that has existed for awhile. Too many HR people are more concerned about being HR people vs learning the business. Too many HR people are more concerned about compliance and always saying no. Vs finding ways to add value and improving their organization. What I call the old HR vs new HR. With that being based on mind set and not age. I could go on forever about this.
CEO of a international headhunting firm (me): digitalisation. HR/IT was overwhelmed by all the new things. Besides that just engaging and keep meaningful relationships with employees and other stakeholders