What is the north star metric for your product?

Ankur Singh
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Hi fellow makers, creators and PMs Share what is the north star metric for your product and how does it help you achieve your goals.


Misha Krunic
I don't know how applicable this is, but for my latest project - BotMeNot - my most important metric currently is the number of beta users. I tried to make signing up as easy as possible (https://botmenot.com/beta-users-...), and with enough information on what you can get out of it, what the product is about, and what I expect (only one thing - honest feedback). How does it help me achieve my goals? Well, it's simple. I need feedback in order to polish current features, and perhaps add some new ones!
Ankur Singh
@price2spy It is good start, moving forward the goal of beta users is feedback so I think there can a metric that resonates with the goal(some activation inside the app).
Rucha Joshi
Still early days but we're tracking number of beta users and the amount of time spent on our platform (https://thursday.social) - it helps remote teams stay connected. It is a bit tricky to define just 1 metric since we need to track if multiple people join the 'host' in each session etc. @singh_ankur what's your north star metric?
Ankur Singh
@rucha_joshi8 The platform design is refreshing, great work there. We measure MAUs as our north star.
Last week I launched a new version of my product. 100 early adopters were invited to join the beta program. At this stage, the north star metric is how many of them are using the new product on a daily basis. On other hand, we are carrying out customer feedback sessions through forms and calls.
Olivia Simmons
Our product's North Star Metric is user engagement, as we believe the more time users spend interacting with our product, the more value they're deriving from it, ultimately driving customer satisfaction and long-term retention.