What is the most important problem for software developers and teams?

Alper Duysak
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Hi all, I wonder about your ideas about this.


One of the problems could be accurate time tracking to further bill the client properly - TMetric app may become a solution. Another problem could be where to keep all projects and tasks when their number grows and grows - it's possible to adopt JIRA or Asana. By the way, all the apps can be connected and work together smoothly.
Alice Rodgers
Project and time management, miscommunication, understanding of Technical requirement
Kirman Smith
The main problem is that it is not possible to create a full team of professionals without proper skills. I was in cooperation with https://newxel.com/blog/where-an... where are described the main benefits of offshore development and how to get a team for your business. Under your project will be working real professionals, having skills in design, development and analysis.