What is the most challenging part when dealing with anything legal/lawyer related?

Armen Margarian
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Every startup and entrepreneur deals with a matter which is legal in nature. What is the most challenging part of it? From finding a lawyer to paying for one, what do you need help with the most?


Rich Watson
Finding a lawyer is hard. Finding an affordable lawyer is even harder. Knowing what questions to ask as well and hoping they steer you in the right direction, better yet being so thorough you don't even need to ask questions. The startup I'm with needs some legal advice in the future for our service. Our app is for stock, crypto, & forex traders and there is some features we're working on that comes with regulations that we want to be above board with
Armen Margarian
@richw Hi Rich. Thanks for your input. You are welcome to try www.andLawyers.com - we are legaltech startup. You can submit your requests, set your own flat fee or hourly price, then select among the lawyers that reply.
mariku mari
Definitely finding a lawyer. Finding a good lawyer is difficult. Unfortunately, the status of a lawyer does not guarantee professionalism and responsible attitude to the case. If you come to the lawyer's chamber with the question "Who is a good lawyer?", there is a risk that you will simply be advised by your favorites or relatives. Therefore, it is most reliable to search through friends. I found good lawyers on https://monmouthcountycriminalla... A friend recommended this bureau to me, I will save the contact details just in case
Daby Hill
After serving in the Coast Guard, I would like to start my own business, but without legal support, I am hesitant to go into this business. Does anyone have any options?
Voltaire Tinch
Greetings to the Coast Guard. Did you happen to run into any military lawyers during your deployment? I did. I think it was a good experience. Anyway, after I retired, old acquaintances came in handy -- best court martial lawyers near me. I don't trust civilian lawyers, somehow. They remind me of our army. I don't want to denigrate anybody. I still trust our army fraternity. Of course, there are ace lawyers among civilian lawyers, but I think they are not easy to find or cost a good price.
I think finding an affordable and good lawyer is the hardest part. However, you can't skip this part. An entrepreneur should have a legal defense. I don't owe any business, but I know how difficult it can be to find an attorney. Last year I became the victim of an accident and broke my leg. The driver that hit me didn't want to admit his fault. Because there was a lack of evidence, no attorney wanted to take my case. I asked all my relatives about a good car accident lawyer . After many lost nerves, I found him. So be ready to spend some time and energy before finding a suitable attorney.
Amanda Trincher
It is difficult to find a good specialist, especially in complex cases or criminal law. A friend of mine was once falsely accused of assault and it was important to find the best criminal lawyer in Singapore as his future was at stake
Johnny Bartlett
Navigating the legal system can be challenging, especially for personal injury cases. Working with experienced personal injury lawyers in Utah can help you protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a consultation.