What is the importance of security to your business?

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Hello there product-hunters, I'm from the Cyber Security field and from my experience, I know companies are concerned about the security of the customers but at the same time, I see few startups either allocating small funds to this division or are just focusing on building the product. What do you think about the importance of security in your organization and how do you take care of it, are you compliant?


Rashmi Gupta
It is super important, actually most important. For B2B business like ours, we have to pass security before making any progress and we understand it is the most critical thing. We have made processes and we are compliant. We spend money and efforts both on it.
@rashjbp great to hear that - the efforts you put into the process come in handy in building customer trust. Additionally, I noticed you are managing the Bug bounty program, I can say you guys are dead serious about security. Also, submitted a bug for the same ;) Kudos to your team.
So it will be varries which system you are using you are and how much is it secure and helpful for you. In cyber security you have to pick the strong command and control system. In my opinion you've to focus on the security system. As a few day back my company door security system is facing bug then I immediately hire: https://affordablelocksmithfl.co... and they provide me best solutions for it. And make it more secure and safe. So safety of the system should be your first priority when you are using it on large scale.